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Finance solidarity projects
for a positive impact on society.

Spread your wings

Driven by an interest in social connections, a humanist sentiment, a personal attack of conscience, or a feeling of revolt in the face of unbearable situations, you want to support collective actions.

With a donation, you are expressing a commitment and a desire to act on the world in order to make it a better place. Whatever the cause: humanitarian, solidarity, educational, sporting, medical or environmental, Donating means serving the general interest.

The new donation vectors, such as our platform, are developing and changing behaviour with regard to generosity, by bringing the practice bang up to date.
Building equitable and trusting relationships with charitable partners and organisations is one of Monaco CrowdfundingÕs missions.

How do we select the projects?

A tool for calling on philanthropy with its platform, Monaco Crowdfunding provides assistance, advice, communications support and access to funding, for charitable organisations.
Thanks to your contribution, these organisations can calmly meet present or future needs within the framework of their mission.
Monaco Crowdfunding ensures the impact obtained from each fundraising action with an organisation, by monitoring and assessing over the medium-/long-term the sustainable changes following actions conducted.

A philanthropic charter

Collecting money is not an objective in itself.
To ensure your real participation in an associative project, Monaco Crowdfunding selects the projects from charities in accordance with a philanthropic Charter. This philanthropic Charter guarantees donors that the charity has a history and is legitimate, has healthy and transparent management, an impact on its ecosystem and a code of ethics for the processing of donorsÕ personal data.

How Can I donate?

1. Select a project
1. I click on ÒI DONATEÓ
2. I choose the amount and reward
3. I choose the payment method
4. My money is placed into a fund
5. My money is paid to the project
6. I receive my reward

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