Monaco Crowdfunding is a private limited company with a share capital or EUR 150,000, head office in Monte Carlo at Le Victoria - 13 Boulevard Princesse Charlotte, 98000 MONACO and entered in the Monaco Business and Industry Register under number 15S06745.

Monaco Crowdfunding operates a website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) also known as, the address of which is as follows:

For all the services it provides, Monaco Crowdfunding is bound by an obligation of means and not by an obligation of result. The Monaco Crowdfunding service is a technical one. Monaco Crowdfunding does not provide any investment advice. As a crowdfunding broker, Monaco Crowdfunding has no liability for losses and damage suffered in the event of a shortcoming on the part of a Project Initiator.

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “General T&C”) is to define the provisions that shall apply to internet users, whether natural or legal persons, within the framework of accessing and using the information and services on the website
These General T&C may be supplemented by specific conditions that will be presented and must be accepted by the internet user prior to accessing any information and services.

Any access to or use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) shall be deemed as irrevocable acceptance of the General Conditions as well as the General Terms and Conditions of the Payment Service Provider, accessible at the address or of any intermediary appointed by the Platform and shown on the Website, by ticking the box provided for this purpose. Any changes made by Monaco Crowdfunding to these General T&C will be binding on website users as soon as they are uploaded and will not apply to prior transactions.

1. Access to the Website

1.1 Methods

The Website is accessible at the following address:
Access to certain information and services on the Website shall be subject to registration and creation of a User account.
Creation of a User account is reserved solely for legally capable persons over the age of majority.
When registering on-line, the User shall undertake to complete the registration form accurately and truthfully, supplying full and up-to-date information.

MMonaco Crowdfunding will implement all means possible to render the website accessible 24/7, except in cases of force majeure or an event beyond the control of Monaco Crowdfunding and subject to any maintenance periods and breakdowns.
In as far as possible, Monaco Crowdfunding will warn internet users in advance of any interruptions or shutdowns affecting part or all of the Website.

1.2 Personal data

Monaco Crowdfunding collects personal data about the User on the website.
The Data collected through our website is that provided voluntarily by Users, in particular via the registration form.

The data collected is solely intended for use by Monaco Crowdfunding. It is needed to process and manage internet user contributions and to apply the provisions of Law 1.362 of 03/08/2009 on combatting money laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption.
It also allows Monaco Crowdfunding to provide personalized services and information in line with User expectations.

Monaco Crowdfunding respects the private life of Internet Users and complies strictly with the laws in force on the protection of private life and personal freedoms. To this end, the Website has formed the subject of a declaration to the CCIN (Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives = Monegasque Data Protection Agency) under number 2015.04527.

Data relating to online payments (credit card number) is processed directly by the bank where the account is held.

Users will have access to detailed information on companies, particularly but not limited to: project description, business plan, funding amount sought, etc.).
All the information relating to Companies, regardless of the nature and/or media, must be considered and treated as confidential (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”) for as long as the information has not entered the public domain.
Users undertake not to disclose the Confidential Information, in full or in part, to third parties and not to use this for any other aim than to study the opportunity of investing in the Companies.

2. Use of the site

2.1 Registration

The account name (login) and password allow you to access a set of services offered by the platform. The user is solely responsible for keeping and using his/her login and password. He/she must take all measures to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use of his/her personal space.
To use the Website, you must provide the following information:

  • Your e-mail address,
  • A password of your choice,
  • Your title, surname, first name and date of birth,
  • Your postcode and country of residence,
  • If the Contributor notices an unauthorized use of his/her login and password, he/she must inform Monaco Crowdfunding immediately by email to

    2.2 Wallet

    To open a Wallet:
    Natural persons are to provide the following documents in particular:

  • A legible copy of an identity document accepted by LEMON WAY and that is currently valid, such as an ID card or passport
  • Proof of address for the signatory that is less than three month’s old (water, gas, electricity, landline telephone, broadband operator or cable TV provider bill, or proof of tax payment that is less than 3 months’ old, or rental payment receipt showing the tenant’s full contact details)
  • Associations are to provide the following documents in particular (this information will be required as of the first euro cent:

  • a copy of the ID document for the company representative signing the Framework contract, that is currently valid, legible and accepted by LEMON WAY
  • proof of address for the signatory that is less than three months’ old (water, gas, electricity, landline telephone, broadband operator or cable TV provider bill, or proof of tax payment that is less than 3 months’ old, or rental payment receipt showing the tenant’s full contact details)
  • a copy of the association’s licence
  • the association’s Articles of Association
  • Legal persons are to provide the following information in particular (this information will be required as of the first euro cent):

  • a description of activity
  • a K-BIS (business register extract) document or equivalent under foreign law
  • the company’s Articles of Association, certified to be a true copy by the manager
  • proof of identity and address for the company representative AND persons holding over 25% of the company’s share capital.
  • It is specified that the following documents may also be requested:

  • prior to certain transfers debiting the Wallet, a copy of the 1st page of a bank account statement attesting to the domiciliation of the Beneficiary’s account.
  • as of a certain threshold, the copy of a second ID document.
  • 2.3 Payment methods

    Lemonway makes the following payment methods available to the User:

  • Bank card; the contributor must use an SSL standard secure form. Debit Cards, VISA and MASTERCARD are authorized
  • Cheque; to be sent to Monaco Crowdfunding made out to the project initiator; the HAP ID must be written on the back of the cheque
  • Bank transfer, via the LEMON WAY account; the HAP ID must be entered as the reason for the transfer
  • SEPA direct debit.
  • The information provided by a User must be honest, exact and true to reality.
    Prior to any payment transaction, it is essential to read and accept Lemonway’s General Terms and Conditions, available at the following address:

    2.4 Cancellation

    Registration on the Website is for an unspecified period. The internet user can close his/her account at any time and without notice by sending an e-mail to:
    Likewise, Monaco Crowdfunding shall reserve the right to:

  • delete, immediately and without warning, any contant that, in its sole opinion, would violate the terms of the General T&C or laws currently in force,
  • suspend, immediately and without warning, any contant forming the subject of a complain by a third party believing their rights to have been infringed,
  • block, immediately and without warning, the account of a User who has published prohibited contact in contravention of the laws currently in force,
  • cancel any offer of service made to a User in the event of non-compliance with the General T&C or current legislation.
  • 3. 3. Legal aspects

    3.1 Intellectual property

    The Website, its content, text and illustrations, photographs and images are the property of Monaco Crowdfunding and/or the service providers contractually linked to Monaco Crowdfunding.
    This content is of no contractual value.
    The Website contains hyperlinks to other websites for which Monaco Crowdfunding declines all responsibility.

    3.2 Modification

    Monaco Crowdfunding shall reserve the option to modify all or part of its contractual relations in accordance with changes to legislation and the services offered.

    3.3 Warning on the risks

    Monaco Crowdfunding is a platform for bringing project initiators into contact with the persons likely to finance them.
    Monaco Crowdfunding does not provide any investment advice. Investing in the capital of a company presents risks of a lack of cashflow and loss of capital, even though Monaco Crowdfunding selects the projects with care. It is therefore down to the investor to read the documents provided by the project initiator and to check the correspondence between his/her aims and his/her means.

    3.4 Complaints

    Any complaint concerning the use of the Website must be sent to

    3.5 Jurisdiction

    These General T&C shall be governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Monegasque law, the language of interpretation being French in the event of a dispute over the meaning of a term or provision of these presents.
    In the event of a difference in interpretation or execution of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, between Users and the Website owner, the parties will work on finding an amicable solution.
    Failing this, one of the parties will refer to the Court of Monaco, which is solely competent to hear any dispute relating to these presents.