Who are we?

MONACO CROWDFUNDING is a company under Monegasque law with a share capital of €150,000, entered in the Monaco Business and Industry Register under number 15S06745.

On 26 June 2015, an operating licence granted by the Princely Government allowed MONACO CROWDFUNDING to become the first Monegasque platform to bring project initiators into contact with the people likely to finance them.

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco highlighted the interest of a crowdfunding platform in an article entitled “Philanthropy: a new approach needed”, published in Huffpost on 29 January 2014: “In the meantime, in a less perceptible way, the digital tools and new ways of thinking have transformed the concept of philanthropy itself. This progress has made recording donations considerably easier through electronic and mobile devices. The new measurement and analysis tools allow for better identifying projects while evaluating the impact of donations more precisely. A means of promotion, Internet platforms demonstrate the precious services performed on the other side of the world.”

The « Livre Blanc Monaco 2029 » also suggested implementing this innovation for funding companies: “Taking Silicon Valley as an example, the Monegasque authorities must promote simple methods for accessibility to the capital available to entrepreneurs in Monaco. However, as Monaco doesn’t have a sufficient quantity of financial risk-takers (business angels, or funding, capital-risk and development capital companies), the creation of an ad-hoc network must be encouraged.”

To date, MONACO CROWDFUNDING has enabled the financing of dozens of projects thanks to participatory finance types:

  • Donation: you contribute to funding a humanitarian or charitable project and you receive a reward.
  • Pre-sale: you have designed a product or solution and you have passed the prototyping stage. You are working on its marketing: crowdfunding allows you to offer it as a global “preview” and in an exclusive fashion.
  • Loan: you lend to a company that has the ability to repay you monthly with a portion of your capital plus interest at a fixed rate and duration (defined before the campaign).
  • Capital (or equity) : you want to open the capital of your non-stock market company to investors in exchange for a portion of the share capital of the company promoting your project.

MONACO CROWDFUNDING is a responsible platform

Secure payment

MONACO CROWDFUNDING MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes that all the contributions, via an encrypted on-line payment, are paid directly to an escrow account opened for each project. When the crowdfunding campaign closes, MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes that the project initiator receives the amount raised directly from the bank and by transfer, if the project conditions are still met.

MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes that all project initiator files are subject to strict selection by consultants who are experts in the project’s field of activity.

MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes to check the identity of platform users and calls on an external service provider to check the accuracy of the elements provided by the project initiator or the contributor in accordance with current legislation and the SICCFIN [a Monegasque financial investigation unit] procedures (combating fraud and money laundering).

Confidentiality accorded to its contributors


  • not sell contributors’ data,
  • only collect the data really necessary for its legal obligations,
  • meet the requests for consultation, rectification or erasure of data.
With regard to the processing of personal data, Monaco Crowdfunding has formed the subject of a simplified declaration to the CCIN (Monegasque Data Protection Agency) under No. 2015-04527.

A participatory platform

MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes to make a personal space available to each project initiator, to allow him/her it to monitor the crowdfunding campaign and to animate this in order to convince his/her/its first circle (family, friends, professional relations), second circle (friends of the first circle) and third circle (all the crowdfunding contributor communities).

MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes to monitor the projects, especially in that the funds raised are actually used for the purpose of the campaign and to do everything in our power for the rewards to be delivered to contributors. MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes to inform contributors, via the blog and social media networks on, the progress of projects at the end of the first, third and sixth month.

MONACO CROWDFUNDING undertakes to make an educational platform available. Even if we simplify the “user” path on our Monaco Crowdfunding platform, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is available to you and accessible from the home page. You can also contact us at any time by clicking on “contact”. We undertake to be reactive in order to provide you with a solution!