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Unite around your project

Crowdfunding is not a magic wand; many people thank that by using this new financing method they will automatically obtain the funds desired. WRONG!

Whatever the potential of your project, preparation is essential to unite a community that will share the values of the project and play a role in increasing its visibility.
As a PROJECT INITIATOR, your role is key. You are the pillar, the representative, the uniting force; it is your image and your managerial capacities that will engender trust in contributors and thus see the success of the campaign.
A poorly-defined PROJECT can be the source of dispute or misunderstanding on the part of the contributor community. A crowdfunding campaign requires major involvement and availability in order to convince contributors of the interest in your project. You must be sure of your involvement when committing and be aware of the challenges.

How to succeed in your crowdfunding campaign

Choosingcrowdfunding requires mobilizing your first circle (family, friends, professional relations). You must first rally those you know around your project in order to convince those you donÕt.
It is not the last resort when business angels, capital ventures or banks refuse to finance your project. Crowdfunding is often an addition to another financing method.
Just because you launch a project on a crowdfunding platform doesnÕt mean you no longer have to do anything. On the contrary, you must invest yourself into your campaign and coordinate it. DonÕt forget that you are the projectÕs INITIATOR.

Have you asked the right questions upstream of the campaign?

You ensure that no proceedings, action, process or administrative procedure is likely to hamper or even prevent you from presenting the PROJECT, or from allowing and ensuring its fulfilment. You certify the accuracy of the data in terms of its nature, targets, main characteristics and the growth expected from your PROJECT.

What communication media have you chosen?

You must provide text and video in order to present your project. In fact, for any crowdfunding campaign, communication is an essential strategy. Consequently, a video or images may be the trigger for contributions or put contributors off completely. We give preference to the production of a short video, made by professionals if possible.

What rewards are your offering?

Are you offering real rewards that will incite your contributors to support you, or are you delegating this task to us? If your project is entrepreneurial, define the value of your company and the terms of a shareholderÕs agreement with an expert. Have you considered the founder dilution?
What development stage do you want to reach thanks to the fundraising? How much do you need to raise to be able to fulfil your project and reach your objectives? Have you already drawn up your business plan?

Have you asked the right questions during the campaign?

We know a universal rule of crowdfunding: just because a project is presented on the internet doesnÕt mean it will finance itself on its own. It would be wrong to believe this!

What audience should you be communicating with?

You must mobilize your first circle (family, friend, business relations). Those who you know must support your project by convincing others who you donÕt yet know, in this case, their own friends.

How should you communicate?

Once again, the project initiator has an essential role to play: he/she must promote the campaign, i.e. spread the word, again and again and again.
Tease the campaign (create a stir by broadcasting a tantalizing message), donÕt give out all the information to the contributor community at once. Optimize the data-line by broadcasting the elements sparingly in order to have the option of creating a link with the contributor community and beyond, by demonstrating that you have a true dynamic going.
Make yourself known to influencers writing about crowdfunding projects similar to your own by sending regular updates showcasing MONACO CROWDFUNDING.
You must undertake to place a link to your project page listed on our MONACO CROWDFUNDING platform on your website, and on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google + and Pinterest pages,?.
You must undertake to show the MONACO CROWDFUNDING logo on all your communications, at the bottom of the page with the projectÕs other partners, and to mention @MC_Crowdfunding and #projectname on your campaign tweets.

Have you asked the right questions after the campaign?

You must act loyally towards your supporter community.
By the latest on the second day after the crowdfunding campaign closes, you must thank all your contributors. A fortnight after the crowdfunding campaign closes, you must inform your supporters of the stages in your project, and the dates the rewards will be dispatched.
Every month, you must regularly inform them on the projectÕs progress. It is essential to plan for an official project launch, if possible with an event to which you invite all your supporters.
You undertake that the entire amount received from the fundraising will be allocated to the precise purpose of the crowdfunding campaign and to its financing.
You undertake, in accordance with the methods defined:
to deliver the rewards provided for within the framework of a donation,
to start to repay your lenders within the framework of a loan,
to close with your investors in the event of an increase in share capital.

If you comply with all the stages set out in this roadbook, you will triple your chances of success.