From Monaco to Berklee: the dream of a Music lover


From Monaco to Berklee: the dream of a Music lover

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Hello, I'm Emmanuel aka "Pab Emson"

I am currently a Senior specializing in Economics and Social Sciences at the Lycee Francois d'Assise Nicolas Barre in Monaco. Both my parents are musicians and I started music at the age of four with bass guitar and musical theory. It was when I was twelve, with six years of classical piano under my belt, that I began to study jazz and to compose my first pieces. Since then I have never stopped creating and developing my music.

Today I am proud to be able to share my work with you! You can discover it here.

The knowledge and skills which I acquired in my early years gave me the confidance to begin composing and to bring my ideas to life. This led to my debut in "music production." In 2016 I discovered the universe of the music industry when I published my first single, "First," entirely composed, produced, and recorded in my bedroom. (It's available on several music platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, and Deezer.)

Being a student in the Principality of Monaco has given me enormous advantages: the educational system is excellent and offers its students inexpensive access to a wide variety of cultural activities, music from classical to pop and jazz, popular and classical theater, conferences featuring world leaders. Here I have been able to pursue my studies at a very high level. This educational system has allowed me to pursue my fascination with economics, history, and philosophy in particular. Fulfilled in school, I have been first in my class since the beginning of Junior year. At the same time, the Principality has given me the opportunity to develop my music skills and perform before a variety of publics. I have been able to give my best, live my passion for music and develop my abilities.

For college my focus will be on continuing to develop my music, while at the same time learning the music industry. That's why I want to study in the USA and, in particular, at one of the best schools in the world specializing in contemporary music: Berklee College of Music in Boston.

This, my Senior year, has been spent in studying for the Baccalaureat exams at year end and in working on my applications and preparing for competitions and auditions. In its search for European talent, Berklee came to London in February to select students for Freshman year 2019-20. Students whose accomplishments and talents passed the first hurdle were invited to interview and audition in London with Berklee faculty and distinguished alumni.

Shortly after my audition in London I received THE response.

I was accepted at the fantastic music school in Boston: Berklee College of Music.

With stars in my eyes, I was delighted to learn that I had been accepted at Berklee College of Music starting in autumn term 2019. It was a dream come true.

In addition to being one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Berklee has an illustrious set of alumni, including Quincy Jones, Charlie Puth, and John Mayer. Just as important, Berklee offers a speciality in Music Business and Management, which, along with its famous music courses and ensemble playing, is a breeding ground of talent for future artists and producers. It's a Mecca of Pop, Jazz, and music production.

I am amazing opportunity !!!

Since being accepted, I have devoted my free time to working even harder to develop my musical abilities, enlarging my theoretical understanding, and sharpening my analytical abilties. At the same time I have worked on new projects which have stimulated my creativity. My new single will be released in June 2019. I have been selected to perform at the MC SUMMER CONCERT in July, in the opening act of the DJ Kungs concert, which will take place in the Salle des Etoiles at the Sporting of Monaco. I am overjoyed!

There is just one problem: how to finance my studies, my DREAM

Even though I have been admitted to Berklee and have received a partial scholarship from the Berklee College of Music, the cost of the first year is well beyond what my family and I can afford. Our contribution can be only modest. And the costs of an American college are very high. That's why I am looking to you, generous donors, to help me take advantage of this magnificent opportunity, which I have been dreaming of for so long.

The sum is very large, but unfortunately it represents the real costs of the first year of college. It reflects Berklee's own calculations of what a student must spend in his first year. Tuition, room and board, books and fees, and other necessary expenses are calculated at almost $74,000. This does not include plane fare to and from school and spending money.

Today, through the medium of crowdfunding, I am asking for 50,000 euros to cover my first year expenses. In addition to a contribution from my parents, I have been given a $10,000 scholarship from Berklee and a 4,500 euro scholarship from the Association Papyrus. I would like to thank Monaco Crowdfunding, which is providing their services free of charge.

I would like you to know that my motivation is immense and during the first year at Berklee I will be working hard to excel and obtain a large second year scholarship, the kind given to returning students. But that's my work!

My dream is within reach. Thank you for whatever you can contribute, thank you for your support.

I won't forget you!

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David Sirour 11/12/2019 Hidden
Suzie Collier 05/12/2019 50.00 €
Dear Emmanuel -- YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I wish you all the luck i the world. Love Jacob Collier :)
05/12/2019 150.00 €
Melinda Dumeer
You are an amazing person and a star! I admire your hard work and immense talent, and am so glad our paths have crossed! (Evelyn's mom)
04/12/2019 50.00 €
Dorothee Penman
B R A V O !!!!!
17/10/2019 100.00 €
Marie Zalan 03/10/2019 100.00 €
Anonyme 29/09/2019 Hidden
Celine Chevrel
Bonjour Emmanuel, Je te souhaite une belle année aux Etats Unis et beaucoup de réussite dans ce magnifique projet que tu entreprends. Bises. Céline (cousine de ta maman)
08/09/2019 50.00 €
Thierry Leroy 30/08/2019 50.00 €
Bruno Caviglia 29/08/2019 100.00 €
j'ai été enchantée de t'entendre me développer tes motivations sur ta passion, et je ne peux que te dire que je suivrai ta carrière de près !!
15/08/2019 1,000.00 €
David Sirour
Don d'un membre du Lions Club de Monaco
27/07/2019 Hidden
David Sirour
Don de Svend Albersten (Lions Club de Monaco)
27/07/2019 Hidden
Olena Prykhodko
Good luck with your project!
23/07/2019 100.00 €
Emmanuel, René Char disait: "Il n'y a que deux conduites dans la vie: Ou on la rêve ou on l'accomplit." Avec tout notre amour, nous te souhaitons d'accomplir ton rêve!! Cathy et Philippe
22/07/2019 Hidden
Frédéric Bouriault 19/07/2019 50.00 €
Fiamma Sillari 17/07/2019 400.00 €
Georges Damonte
Allez j'y crois !!
14/07/2019 Hidden
Fabrice Viteau 08/07/2019 40.00 €
Noëlle Vera
Thierry et moi te souhaitons de réussir à finaliser ton projet d'études et tes projets musicaux!
05/07/2019 80.00 €
Sylviane-pierre Serrano
Grands Parents d'Emmanuel Nous sommes certains que Ton sérieux et ton énergie t amèneront à ton but recherché !! Nous te soutenons dans ce magnifique projet.....BONNE CHANCE!!!
04/07/2019 1,500.00 €
Jacques Brichet 03/07/2019 Hidden
Kathy Leung
Good luck Emmanuel and maybe I'll see you in NYC ??
02/07/2019 50.00 €
Anonyme 01/07/2019 50.00 €
Cécile Ghiglione
Une petite participation personnelle pour ce merveilleux projet, je te souhaite de réussir, j'espère que ça t'aidera car c'est beau d'être jeune et d'avoir l'envie et la volonté de réaliser ses rêves. "Il est des moments où les rêves les plus fous semblent réalisables, à condition d'oser les tenter [B. Werber]" "Fingers crossed" on se retrouve déjà pour le MC Summer Concert le 15 juillet ! Cécile (MONACO LIVE PRODUCTIONS)
01/07/2019 100.00 €
Franck Gsegner
Je crois en toi Emmanuel, tu as un talent fou et tu mérites pleinement ton entrée à Berklee et de réussir dans ce qui te passionne, la musique. Amicalement, Franck
30/06/2019 250.00 €
Marc Mourou 30/06/2019 1,000.00 €
Laura Brichet
Trop fière de toi mon cousin! Tu vas tout déchirer la bas
29/06/2019 Hidden
David Sirour
Don de Nicole Sirour.
24/06/2019 Hidden
David Sirour
Emmanuel, ton courage, ton engagement et tes qualités humaines touchent toutes les personnes qui croisent ton chemin. Tu as dépassé tous les objectifs musicaux et scolaires que tu t'étais fixé à force de travail et de persévérance. Pour la dernière partie, nous serons à tes côtés !
17/06/2019 Hidden
Marc Mourou 14/06/2019 Hidden
Christophe Michau 14/06/2019 Hidden
François Ortelli
Tu es un garçon exceptionnel et talentueux. Tu mérites de rentrer dans cette fantastique école. Tu as tout mon soutien !
13/06/2019 Hidden

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