A- Using the site

  • I’ve forgotten or want to change my password: How do I do it?

    Click on the “Forgotten password?” link on the connection page then follow the instructions.

    If you can’t see the “Forgotten password” link below “validate”, click on the link to: sign in

  • I have changed my e-mail address: How can I log in to the website?

    Use your previous e-mail address to sign in.

    You can then update your new address in your personal space.

  • Is it free to register on the website?

    You can access the website and all its functions free of charge.

    You are therefore not liable for any operating costs. You donate, lend or invest, that’s already incredible!

  • What are the functions in my personal space?

    Your personal space is presented via the following tabs:

    • profile
    • password
    • financial flows
    • bank details
    • documentary proof
    • my contributions
    • my projects
    • invoices

    It is important to correctly complete your personal space: The information provided will, for example, allow for sending you the “rewards” to which you are entitled, manage your repayments, and keep you informed on the progress of projects.

    Profile: allows for managing the information relating to your profile
    Password: allows for changing your password
    Financial flows: allows for viewing your transactions and the balance in your wallet, and also for crediting your wallet (via bank card or transfer).
    Bank details: allows for managing your external account details
    Documentary proof: allows you to be in compliance with the regulations for the various levels of use for your wallet. In fact, you may be required to provide documentary proof (identity document, proof of address)
    My contributions: allows for managing your contributions and making your repayment requests

  • How do I contribute?

    Simply click on the contribute link.

    The payment transaction is made securely via the solution provided by the payment company LEMONWAY.

  • I want to credit my wallet: how do I do that?

    Simply go to your financial flow space and select the credit method you want.

    There are two ways to credit your wallet: credit by bank card or credit by bank transfer. Follow the procedure described on the website.

  • I want to check that my contribution has been validated: how do I do that?

    Once you have contributed:
    You receive a confirmation e-mail
    You can check the account debit in your personal space?financial flows?.

  • I want to cancel my contribution: how do I do that?

    You make the request of Monaco Crowdfunding by sending an e-mail about this matter to the following address: support@monacocrowdfunding.com

  • Can I change the amount of my contribution?

    Yes. You must therefore make a transaction corresponding to your new wishes and at the same time request the cancellation of the previous transaction.

  • Can I contribute to a project anonymously?

    Yes, and you can use a pseudonym to register.
    You can decide not to make your contribution to the project public.
    To do this, you simply have to tick the corresponding option before making payment.

B- Personal information, payment methods, payment security, taxation.

  • What personal information is provided to the project initiator?

    Only your e-mail address, surname, first name or pseudonym are provided to the project initiator.

    This allows them to send you the rewards and/or tax receipts to which you are entitled, and to send you an information or thank you e-mail.

    The other information relating to you is confidential, particularly your bank information. This is only known to the payment company.

  • Can I be asked for other information? If yes, to whom is this provided?

    You may be asked for other personal information when the individual amount of your contribution reaches €1000 , or when the sum of your contributions over one month exceeds €2500.

    Depending on whether you are an association, foundation, private individual or a company, you will then be asked to provide the copy of your identity document, proof of address that is less than 3 months’ old, and possibly a copy of the Articles of Association.

    The rules for combatting money laundering and fraud require that this information be requested.

    This information is provided to the payment establishment; in no event is this provided to the project initiator.

  • Can the Project Initiator use my e-mail address for purposes other than the project?

    The project initiator has the option of using contributor’s e-mails within the framework of the project for which he/she/it has requested funding. This option is expressly set up in the General Terms and Conditions of Use for the platform.

    The project initiator also has the option to request that it and its partners may use your e-mail for purposes other than for the project (invitations, call for other projects, etc.). Our platform is considered as one of the project initiator’s partners. For this, the contributor is expressly asked: “Do you authorize the project initiator and/or its partners to use your e-mail address for purposes other than the Project to which you are contributing (invitations, calls for other projects, etc.)?”

  • What payment methods are available on the website?

    The only methods available are bank card, cheque payment and transfer.

  • How do I change my bank details?

    The bank details are requested for every payment by bank card or transfer.

    There is never a need to change or enter your bank details outside of a transaction. Caution! You will never receive an e-mail asking you to change your bank details. More generally, you will not receive any requests for information requiring you to provide your bank details. Be vigilant. Never provide your bank details outside of the website.

  • My bank card payment has not been accepted: what should I do?

    Bank card transactions require authorization from your bank; most often accompanied by an authentication request.
    If one of your transactions is refused, we recommend waiting a few minutes and starting again. Contact your bank if the problem persists.

  • My bank transfer has not been made: what should I do?

    The average period for processing a transfer request is around five working days.

    You are sent an e-mail once the transfer has been made. Please contact us if you have not received an e-mail in this period, or if you have a problem.

  • Are the payments secure?

    All the bank data relating to your transactions is encrypted and secured via a trust chain authorized and certified by the regulatory authorities. The payment solution used is the one provided by the payment company LEMONWAY.

    You should know that neither the platform manager nor the project initiator has access to your wallet. Your accounts are managed solely via the payment company, in a bank. This is an extremely important security point. In real terms, this means that your money is under the full responsibility of a bank.

  • How do the money flows work? When I contribute, where does the money go?

    The entire transaction is made in a secure fashion. Once the contribution has been selected and validated, you will be asked to complete the necessary details for payment via a secure form.

    Once the payment is validated, the corresponding sum is credited to your wallet. You can view the balance of your wallet at any time.

    The funds are only made available to the project initiator when the campaign has reached its initial target. You have the choice of having the funds deposited into your wallet returned to you, at your bank, or to leave them for another project.

    The funds may be transferred to the project initiator immediately: this is generally the case for campaigns carried out to the profit of recognized associations serving the public. This is also the case for certain types of campaign that are not carried out to the profit of recognized associations serving the public. You are then advised of this.

    Know that you still have the option, as long as the campaign is not closed (outside of case b- above) of withdrawing your funds placed in your wallet. The reason is simple: the wallet is your property, you can use it as you see fit.

  • Can I deduct my donations from my taxes?

    It is possible, provided the project initiator is authorized to issue a tax receipt (NGO, foundation and other authorized associations, etc.)

  • Are my donations subject to VAT?

    If the project initiator is subject to VAT, yes. There are no specific rules linked to crowdfunding; common law rules apply.

C- Participation in a project

  • How do I monitor the progress of a project?

    Simply go to the project page. E-mails are also sent at key project stages by the project initiator. Updates Heading.

  • How am I advised of the end of a project?

    By e-mail

  • What happens when a project reaches its target before the date set?

    The project initiator has the option to continue the campaign once.

  • What happens when a project doesn’t reach its fund-raising target?

    If the fundraising targets are not reached, the project initiator does not receive the contributions.

    However, the funds already raised may have been transferred to the project initiator: this is the case for campaigns carried out to the profit of recognized associations serving the public.

    This is also the case for certain types of campaign that are not carried out to the profit of recognized associations serving the public. You will have been advised of this as soon as the campaign is opened and, in this case, the sums transferred will become the project initiator’s property. Of course, you will have the right to the rewards promised.

  • When the project reaches its target, how does the project initiator receive the money?

    The amount raised is paid into the project initiator’s wallet.

  • How can I help a project beyond my financial contribution?

    You can support a project by posting it on your social media accounts and by using the widget (name given to the square - or other format - on which you are asked to click to have the details of a project that interests you) and insert it into a blog, on your website or onto a social media account.

  • How do I insert a widget onto blogs or social media accounts?

    Simply go to the project description page and clock on the add link. A window opens. It shows the various widget formats to be integrated.

    Simply copy the code and insert it into your pages. You will then become a vector for the project’s success.

  • Can I contribute to several projects at once?


  • How do the rewards work?

    The project initiator decides on the rewards it will offer in exchange for contributions from donors or investors and ensures these are delivered when the fundraising is successful.

  • What is a refundable project?

    A refundable project conditions the payment of the funds raised to the project initiator to the success of the campaign.

    A refundable project bears the following tag: You can be refunded without charge if the project does not reach its target.

    When the fundraising ends and the target is reached, all the funds thus collected in donors’ or investors’ wallets are paid into the wallet of the project initiator’s wallet, to whom this is then available.

    On the other hand, if the project does not reach the minimum amount requested on the fundraising end date, the donor is offered a repayment if he/she so wishes.

    The project initiator decides on the rewards it will offer in exchange for contributions from donors or investors and ensures these are delivered when the fundraising is successful.

    Therefore, it is only at the end of fundraising, and if the targets are actually met, that the funds are made available by MONACO CROWDFUNDING. As the money has already been collected from the donors or investors, the project initiator is thus assured of the availability of the funds promised by the donors or investors throughout the crowdfunding campaign.

    The projects proposed by MONACO CROWDFUNDING must reach at least 100% of the target set in order to receive the contributions from internet users. This is an important guarantee for the donor or investor, ensuring that the project to which he/she has contributed makes sense to a sufficiently large community of internet users.

    The project initiator has the option of extending the campaign duration once if it believes the target can be reached and that donors have expressed a desire for this. In this case, the donors not wishing to continue supporting the project may be refunded without charge.


    A contract has been signed between MONACO CROWDFUNDING and the project initiator, which in particular provides for MONACO CROWDFUNDING being remunerated for the services provided. The mediation fees are borne in full by the project initiator.