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Loan or buy into share capital
of promising companies.

Give your savings meaning

Crowdfunding is the promise of a new financing method, which allows anyone to financially support a project that makes sense to him/her. And who hasn’t, at one time or another, wanted to give their savings meaning?

Crowdfunding opens the field of possibilities and allows everyone to invest in “favourite” or “local” projects.
At Monaco Crowdfunding, we make it easier for you to access a selection of projects that show social values, always with the idea of building a better world.
Depending on your aims, personal situation, sensitivities and values, you can invest on our platform in complete transparency.

How do we select the projects?

In order to offer our investors/donors high-quality projects that comply not only with legal provisions but also with the highest standards in the crowdfunding field, we require legal documents and financial and organisational information from project initiators relating to their activities, in the aim of ensuring us of the viability of the projects proposed.
Furthermore, beyond the financial aspect, the projects we select for integration into the Monaco Crowdfunding platform must fall within the framework of our mission: Build a sustainable and equitable world.
Your project must meet these criteria:
  • Desirable: it has sparked interest from the crowdfunding platform’s selection committee and later from the community’s contributors.
  • Achievable: your project is developed technically, it works and you are ready to start marketing it.
  • Viable: your project meets a need, an expectation and an identified market.
  • Crowdfunding calls on specific skills and a completely different expertise:
  • Structure the approach (How? How much? and to whom?)
  • Show us that your concept will work (Innovation, Business model, social interest, economic viability)
  • How are projects assessed?

    We require the following documents and information as a minimum:
    1. a certified true copy of the company’s latest Articles of Association (including the division of power),
    2. a K-BIS (business register) extract that is less than 3 months’ old,
    3. a colour copy of an official ID document and proof of address that is less than 3 months’ old for the director.
    4. a Business Plan,
    5. the last 2 tax returns,
    6. the company’s bank account details
    7. a copy of both sides of the identity document of each share-holder owning more than 25% of the company.