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Save Nato
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Finance Nato's operation, a 14 month-old boy living in Madagascar

Our Project

To operate in the Principality of Monaco children who suffer from heart diseases that cannot be operated in their home countries. 

Our Ambassador

Olivier Giroud, the renowned footballer who plays for Arsenal and the French national team, has chosen to be the Ambassador for Monaco Collectif Humanitaire. 

Olivier is a dedicated ambassador who gives time and funds some of the operations. Like him, help us save a child ! 

The goal of this fundraising

To take charge of little Nato's operation, a 14 month-old boy living in Madagascar. If more funds collected, it will allow the operation of another child.

Nato suffers from a heavy heart disease that cannot be operated in his home country. He urgently needs cardiac surgery to save his deficient heart. 

How will the funds be used ?

  • Your donations will allow to finance Nato's operation and his hospital care at Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center early in 2016.
  • The surgeon, the person who will accompany Nato during his trip and his host family in Monaco are all volunteers.
  • Nato's flight ticket is free since he is under 2 years of age, but his attendant's ticket will have to be paid for.
  • Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center will only charge 50% of the regular fees for the operation and the hospital care. 

How does the project work ?

  • A sick child is spotted by a cardiologist in his country
  • His file is sent to Monaco Collectif Humanitaire and accepted
  • The child's travel to Monaco is organized.
  • The child is welcomed by a host family who take care of him/her on a benevolent basis throughout his/her stay
  • Operation at Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center 
  • The child returns to his family

Nato's story

Nato was born in Madagascar at Amparihivato, in the countryside, 60 km away from the capital, Antananarivo.

Nato started having frequent bronchitis at 4 months old and has stopped putting on weight since he was 8 months old.

He was sent to hospital in June 2015 and the doctors diagnosed a congenital heart disease. The hospital pediatrician recommended Nato should be a patient of the cardiac pediatric mission run by the Reunion branch of the association "Médecins du Monde" (World Doctors).

In September, the child is visited by a cardiologist from "Médecins du Monde" who diagnoses a heavy heart disease (muscular VIC ) that needs to be operated in Monaco.

On October 30th, "Médecins du Monde" sends Nato's medical file to Monaco Collectif Humanitaire who accepts it.

Who we are ?

A chain of solidarity aimed at offering a second life to children from the developing world.

Monaco Collectif Humanitaire is a group of 21 Monegasque NGO and 3 French associations following the same goal : to save children afflicted with a heart or sometimes an orthopedic disease.

Three medical centers are partners : the Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Center, the Princess Grace Hospital and the Monegasque Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery (IM2S)

Monaco Collectif Humanitaire has already taken care of more than 260 children.

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